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"Spiritual Revolution" reviews and ratings

Thank you all for the support and the great feedback so far! Below you could find a collection of reviews and ratings for our new album "Spiritual Revolution". Please note that we are constantly updating with new reviews.

Average scoring: 8,4/10

Necromance (ES): 8/10

All Around Metal (IT): 10/10

Metal Temple (US): 10/10

Impatto Rock (IT): 9/10

Metal Italia (IT): 7/10

Spirit of Metal (FR): 10/10

Rock Da Vinci (GR): 8/10

The Gallery (GR): 7/10

Noizy (GR): 9/10

Metal Hammer (GR): 8/10

Greek Rebels (GR): 8/10

Rock Hard (IT): 7/10

Metaller (GR): 8/10

Rockway (GR): "Very good album, that deserves my vote, also due to the fact that there is passion for spirituality through its lyrics. If this is the result produced "under duress and stress", I am wondering how the result would sound like in case the band recorded in calm conditions."

El Tio Melodeath (MX): "It is one of those albums that bring a lot of power. On this occasion Mind Terrorist present to us a variety of genres that fit perfectly with the musical idea of the band. There are tracks that transmit energy in a style between Metalcore and Melodic Death. A combination that gives character to this album, with highlights as: "Revolt Against The "Modern World", "Silence The Earth", "Still Dreaming" and "Exposure"."

Metal Hammer (GR): "In the new album Mind Terrorist present to us a clear direction and character of their sound, a well suited mix of Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore/groove sound. Vocals, guitars and rhythm section are solid and it is an unexpected pleasure to listen to songs like "Minima Elifthi", a rapcore one with lyrics in greek, certainly out of their comfort zone.

Metal Temple (US): "Spiritual Revolution" reminds me a little of 90's metal. Maybe that's why they express having heavy alternative vibes. I really like Kostas’ accent while singing as well as the parts that are sung in his language. It adds to the complexity of the album throughout. I think this is an aggressive metal album that the old school metalist will vibe well with."

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