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Rock Hard Italy Interview

Below you could read our latest interview. A month ago we were interviewed by Rock Hard Italy. To our Italian friends, please check the December issue of the magazine and get your physical copy!

- Hi guys, I am sure you are proud of your new full length. How was the creating process in this pandemic period?

Hello Rock Hard Italy! First of all, a big thank you for the opportunity given to us to share our news through your magazine. Indeed, we are very proud of our 4th full length album. As always, it was a challenging process, due to the fact that the band members live in 3 different countries. This is our reality for the last years, so in that sense the pandemic didn't have any effect on the recordings, as we already have many limitations. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in 4 different studios, in Greece, Germany, USA and Netherlands. It took us more than a year to finalize the process, so you can imagine that collaborating from a distance needs focus, alignment and high level of responsibility. We never met physically during the last 3 years, so everyone did his own part and then we combined everything using the expertise of a high skilled producer. "Spiritual Revolution" was released in June 2020, in a period when the pandemic was very active. Producing a physical product in these times is quite challenging, as many record stores were closed, however we managed to get it through, using a good network we already have, directing the promotion to digital/online sales channels as well. The limited digipak was sold out within one week from the release of the album and so far we are very happy with the reactions and feedback we have from the media and fans.

- In your album you criticize a lot the modern society features. Do you want to tell us something about your vision of the world? And how do you think Covid-19 has affected it?

Sure. Basically our new album is thematic, meaning that it covers a certain concept. We often compose concept albums because we want to offer to our listeners a complete story, musically and lyrically. The main idea behind the lyrics is "Spirituality" and the revolt against globalization, modern civilization and consumerism. Our lyrics direction is a strong element of our albums, it is sharp, straightforward, and synchronized to the economic, political, social, and environmental situation around us. The world is toxicated by human greed, ambition to conquer land and exploit nature. Our idea about the world is looking mostly to the survivalist roots of humans, a world where humans are simple, pure, generous, humble and protectors than destroyers. Utopia? Probably yes for now. However, ideals and hopes are forever...

- In your sound there are a lot of Death Metal and Groove Metal elements. Which are your main musical inspirations?

We play a mix of Melodic Death Metal and Groove/Core, being influenced from the Swedish scene and bands like In Flames, At the Gates, The Haunted, as well as the US scene, As I Lay Dying, Machine Head, Hatebreed and Fear Factory. The music style of the band has been progressed throughout the years from modern heavy metal (which was the case in our debut album) to crossover. The members of the band have on a personal level a wide variety of influences, from classic heavy metal to black metal. Of course, everything is filtered and in the end we have a good blend and a well formed sound that works fine, as people who are familiar with the band know already what to expect and could easily understand when they are listening to Mind Terrorist, that this is Mind Terrorist actually.

- It's unusual to see Metal songs sung in greek, like "Minima Elifthi". Does it reflect your georgraphical roots?

Well, this is the first song we sing in our native language, I need to admit that the idea came up instantly, due to the specifics of its music, that reminded me personally of my teenage years, when I was very much into rapcore music. Using greek is much easier sometimes to express yourself, especially fitting it into groove/rapcore, so we went into this direction. The message of the song is straightforward, referring to the current times we are facing, and the way that states and governments are controlling people and take away ther freedom and rights.

- Do you want to tell us something about your plans for the future?

Of course. Given the circumstances, we are adapting the way we promote our new album, giving lately more focus to digital ways. We have just launched a new video, and we are in process stage of a new one. We are also looking forward to releasing the LP version of our album. It will be a limited edition of 200 vinyls and we are expecting it close to Christmas time. Further than that, we are trying to find a formula for online concerts and next year we will be probably in the studio again, starting the recording process of next album. For more information and news about Mind Terrorist, please visit our official webpage

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