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Mind Terrorist - The End of Tradition (2020)
Mind Terrorist Official

Mind Terrorist - The End of Tradition (2020)

"The End of Tradition" is part of our album "Spiritual Revolution", available now from OPOS Records: "Spiritual Revolution" is a concept album, referring to a fundamental process of inner transformation, whereby each one of us breaks through the poisonous effects of globalization, consumerism and the modern civilization. "To be in the world, but not of it". A scope in life, realizing that Modernity is not simply just lifestyle. This reflects the way in which we relate to each other as human beings and the spiritual dimension of our body, soul and mind, first of all as individuals and as nations at large too. "The End of Tradition" Lyrics "Derive no more regrets, for all the things you once said, this world is built on lies, on disrespect for humans. Burn this fucking lie, behold your inner pride, preserve the fire of emotions and free your spirit. Behold your inner pride. Is this the end of our tradition? We will fight back. Our spirit breaks their imposition, prepare for attack. Destroy, revive, embrace a new way of life, preserve the fire that burns inside your mind". Official Webpage: Facebook: Youtube: Instagram: Spotify: Recorded at Audiolab Studio, Pro-Studios and Ferret Home Studio Mixed and Mastered at Nebelhorn Tonstudio, Germany Cover concept and Design by Richard Manson and AD Versus Media 2020 © OPOS Records | All Rights Reserved
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