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Interview to Metal Wave Webzine

We recently gave an interview to Metalwave webzine. The interview is in Italian, and you can find it here. For English please read below translated version.

- Since it is your first interview on this site, could you please introduce your band to our readers? When and how did you start your journey in the underground scene?

Of course. First of all we would like to thank you for the opportunity given for this interview. We are Mind Terrorist, our origins are in Greece, however during the past years we became quite more international, as few of the band members are living abroad. We play a mix of different metal genres and we are active since 2011. We have played numerous concerts and released four full length albums so far.

- Which genres and bands is the group influenced by?

We play a mix of melodic death metal and crossover music, being influenced from hardcore and metalcore as well. To name few bands, we would definitely state In Flames, At the Gates, Machine Head, The Haunted, Hatebreed, As I Lay Dying and Slayer. The band members have on a personal level a wide variety of influences, from classic heavy metal to black metal.

- I know it may not be easy to do it, but could you comment on your latest work?

Our latest album “Spiritual Revolution” is just released and we are very happy and proud of the result. It contains nine new tracks, the limited digipack edition is sold out already and we are now distributing the normal edition. We are satisfied with the whole production process, it took long time because the album was recorded, mixed and mastered in four different countries. It is a concept album, referring to Spirituality and the revolt against globalization, modern civilization and consumerism. For more information and orders:

- The underground metal scene is undoubtedly inflated by many groups, so (often) it is necessary to present compositions that stand out in the chaos of the various musical scenes. Do you think that your songs have something to say or different from what has already been said in the crowded metal world?

Well, everything has been said and everything has been played basically. What differs us from majority of the bands outside is our sound, which we think that is not copying but it is developed throughout the last years as a unique one. People who know the band could easily understand when they are listening to Mind Terrorist, that this is Mind Terrorist actually. Another element that is very strong with us is our lyrics direction, which is sharp, straightforward, synchronized to the economic, political, social, and environmental situation around us and the fact that we often compose concept albums is because we want to offer to our listeners a complete story, musically and lyrically.

- What do you think of the national underground scene?

It is getting stronger day by day. Fresh ideas, variety of styles and productions, international exposure… The future is really promising for the greek metal scene. Moreover, the greek metalheads support local bands more now than in the past.

- The career of a musical group (however short it may be) is always dotted with more or less positive events. What would you like to erase and what will you always remember from your group experience, from the beginning to the present?

We would treat differently the way we promoted our second album, we could do a lot more concerts especially abroad. We will always remember the fun times in studio and the great experience and bonding we had during a concert we performed in Rome, Italy.

- How do you rate the digital way for promoting the music scene?

We know that digital promotion provides great opportunity to the band to be well exposed and reach many listeners. It is the new way and a lot of artists are seriously investing in this direction. We are a bit sceptical to be honest, since we are up for promoting the physical product (cd, vinyl) first. We find this way more personalized, as it reflects the effort we put in production in a better way.

- Since we're talking about it ... how many original CDs do you buy each month? And how many do you listen to?

Don’t know about the others, I buy around 5-8 original cds approximately every month, listening maybe close to 15, including the digital media. I am trying to support the bands that I like and get the physical product in 🙂

- What does your group want to do when it grows?

Short term, probably perform as a support band in a worldwide tour and long term that we inspire with our music and attitude new bands.

- Okay, guys! The space is running out, but I want to leave you a blank paper for the last message. The word is yours, you are free to express yourself!

We would like to thank you for the time and space you provided to us to promote our band. We would like to close with a message from our last album and the song “Revolt against the modern world”.

“Free your mind, live for something Your fate is in your hands The truth will break these chains Revolt against the modern world Matter, Body, Spirit, Relief”

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